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Helping to make the dream of spending tranquil time together as a family come true.

Among other things, the company’s main objective was to produce concrete elements to provide the necessary raw materials for the restoration of the cemeteries.

By studying the evolving trends in the construction market and the resulting needs of the customers, we realized that there is a great demand for really high quality concrete fencing panels throughout our country. Therefore, we have decided that, with the technology in our hands, we will specialise in the production of these concrete elements in the future, while further improving our products in all aspects if possible.

Our products have become successful in a short time thanks to the high quality production processes that are essential for products used in the construction industry. For the production of our fence panels, our company uses only materials of impeccable quality. However, as manufacturers, we are able to offer our entire range of products at affordable prices.

Using the most advanced technologies, our company is able to produce flat-surfaced, reinforced and sealed concrete elements. Thanks to the modern technology and the additives used, the surface is extremely smooth and does not resemble a traditional concrete surface.

Thanks to our current capacity, we are able to produce thousands of metres of fencing every year.

Our main profile is the production and sale of fencing panels throughout the country and beyond its borders. Besides private individuals, we are also happy to undertake the construction of fences for companies. In both cases we have a trusted expert partner for the construction of our products. If requested, our construction partner will also carry out the demolition and excavation work required for the preparation of the construction works, subject to prior agreement.

Our partners always carry out the construction of the fence according to the specific circumstances. So, if you choose them, a free on-site consultation and survey will be carried out before the start of the construction, during which you will be provided with information about the following:

  • Which is the best technology for your fence installation?
  • Which concrete post is the best choice for your area?
  • What height, pattern and look of concrete fence can be built with our panels?
  • Which paints are the most optimal if you want to change the colour of your fence after the construction is finished?

As our partner is a full-service contractor, they will also carry out the landscaping and environmental restoration work following the construction.

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