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Privacy tailored to your needs. Decades of experience shaped into a fence that will finally give you peace of mind.

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They did a very precise job for us! Thanks to their expertise and precision we now have a beautiful fence that we are very proud of! I can only recommend them to anyone who really wants a wonderful end result! We are super grateful, thank you very much!”

Muhiné Horváth Anikó







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Take the concept of harmony to a whole new level

With our fencing technology, you and your home will always be protected, and safe from prying eyes, so you can enjoy your family's everyday life in complete peace.

Create the ultimate feeling of a secure home in just a few days with our high quality, aesthetic concrete fencing systems. Design the fence of your dreams that combines the harmony of a flawless finish, uniform colour and elegant pattern.

Since customer satisfaction and high quality work is our main priority, we provide a declaration of conformity for the products we sell and, for installations with 3 metre posts, we offer an outstanding 12-year guarantee on our products installed by our partners.

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Everything you need to make an informed decision

Nowadays a quiet rest or some carefree relaxation is one of the most precious things in our hectic world. To achieve this in the comfort of your home, a versatile fencing system that meets all your needs is essential.

If you don't already have one or are looking to replace your outdated fence with a better, modern solution, let us help you decide. We've put together the key features of concrete panel fences that put them ahead of other technologies.

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10 compelling reasons
not to take
half measures


Thanks to its variable height and its sturdy design, it effectively keeps out unwanted visitors and onlookers. Depending on the customer's needs, the height of the fence can vary between 1.43 and 2.12 metres, making it versatile. With our help, you can keep your loved ones and your home safer.

2.Best value for money

Despite its high quality, it is the most affordable solution on the market, both in terms of materials and construction.


Thanks to its simple, well-designed installation process, it is possible to build up to 20-25 metres of fence per day, depending on the soil, which makes it one of the fastest fence builders currently available.

4.Moderate sound filtering

Due to the height of the fence and the thickness of the concrete elements, the fence also has minimal sound absorption properties.


With the exception of elements with a punched, windowed pattern, concrete fencing can also add to the intimate character of the enclosed area.

6.Customizable design

By default, the fencing panels are concrete grey, but with the right paint you can customise them to the colour of your choice. The concrete fence panels are available in 31 different patterns, in 35 to 40 combinations, according to customer requirements.

7.Durable, weatherproof

Resistant to the elements, does not rust, requires no special maintenance.

8.Hungarian product

If you believe in the high quality of Hungarian products, buy from us and support the strengthening of our country's economy.

9.Premium guarantee

If you have our concrete elements installed by our recommended contractor partner, we provide a guarantee of up to 12 years on our products.

10.Nationwide distribution

Distance is not a problem for us, we can deliver anywhere in the country.

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Proven, reliable
technology guarantees
the quality of our products


Rigid internal metal structure for perfect support.


A rock-solid concrete body achieved through a perfect mix of quality raw materials.


Flawless surface.

The thickness of the concrete elements varies from pattern to pattern, with lengths ranging from 2 m to 2.15 m. They can be coloured with a suitable exterior paint if desired. (plinth paint)

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Harmony and elegance across the border and beyond

All our products are handmade and can be delivered to your door anywhere in the country or even across borders. Our current capacity allows for an average delivery time of three weeks from the order. We pay particular attention to quality in the manufacturing process, which is backed up by our outstanding guarantee. Our company only sells products in undamaged, aesthetically perfect condition.

With an ever-expanding range of products, we want to make sure that every customer can find the right solution for their needs, not only in terms of quality but in design as well. Choose our concrete fencing panels for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing way to ensure complete comfort for you and your family.

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From order
to the fenced

1.For all incoming orders, a deposit of 30-50% is payable by the customer, depending on the amount of the order. The agreement will be the subject of a contract of services, which must be returned to us by email or post.

2.Once the payment of the advance invoice is received by our company, the production of the requested elements will start immediately.

3.The customer will be informed at least three days before the delivery of the requested products.

4.The balance of the total amount due is payable on delivery. If the construction of the fence is included in the order, the costs of the construction of the fence and the remaining part of the price of the products must be paid in one single payment.

5.The installation of the fence elements shall commence after delivery at a date agreed in advance following the order.

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Our history

Helping to make the dream of spending tranquil time together as a family come true.

Our professionals have been restoring Jewish cemeteries in the territory of Greater Hungary for over 10 years. The company itself was founded in 2016 to provide the raw material needs for the restoration of those cemeteries by manufacturing concrete elements.

By studying the evolving trends in the construction market and the resulting needs of the customers, we realized that there is a great demand for really high quality concrete fencing panels throughout our country. Therefore, we have decided that, with the technology in our hands, we will specialise in the production of these concrete elements in the future, while further improving our products in all aspects if possible.

Our products have become successful in a short time thanks to the high quality production processes that are essential for products used in the construction industry. For the production of our fence panels, our company uses only materials of impeccable quality. However, as manufacturers, we are able to offer our entire range of products at affordable prices.

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You may be asking yourself
one of these questions

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How do I get a quote?

Once you have sent us the initial details, our company will immediately calculate the expected material price and, if required, the installation costs. If you decide to accept our offer, our experts will carry out a simple on-site survey, the cost of which will be deducted from the installation and is therefore practically free of charge. Of course, on request, we will carry out a complete landscaping after the works have been carried out.

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Will they ruin my garden?

What is valuable to you is valuable to us. Our contractors work to a carefully planned schedule, so they only make changes where they are absolutely necessary. We take care of your values!

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How much work will I have with clearing the rubble?

This part of the process will also be carried out entirely according to your needs. You can organise it yourself or leave everything to us, up to the finishing touches, so that you only benefit from a job well done.

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How fast do they work?

It depends mainly on the terrain. Under the right conditions, we can install up to 20-25 m of concrete fence per day.

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How long does the process take from start to finish?

You can expect your brand new concrete fence to be delivered within 2-3 weeks from placing your order.

The time required to install the concrete panels is determined by the terrain conditions and the length of fence. Under the right conditions, up to 20-25 m of concrete fence can be installed per day.

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Browse our
product catalogue

If you want to leave the security of your home to Fix Beton Kerítés, take a look at our wide and constantly expanding range!

With our downloadable product catalogue, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible about our products, available in more than 25 patterns and over 50 combinations, with pictures and short descriptions.

We hope that it will help you to create the fence of your dreams.

In addition to security, aesthetics and value for money, our products are also outstanding in terms of personalisation.

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Ask our experts

Please note, that we can only provide you with an accurate quote for installation after an on-site inspection.